Jobs4Bitcoins Escrow



Easy, Secure Escrow with Bitcoin

Seller uploads a file.

Buyer pays and downloads, knowing exactly what he's getting.

No chance of scams.



Traffic on the Jobs4Bitcoins subreddit is picking up, and with it, the number of transactions with anonymous strangers around the internet. One thing that is sorely needed is a simple, trusted escrow system through which to have secure trades of work for bitcoin.

Commissioned by the admin of the subreddit, /u/matthew_boyd, this app attempts to fill that hole, by providing the service of trusted escrow for a small fee.

When some work is uploaded, a community-trusted programmer will check through it, to make sure that the project has been successfully completed.

Note: We do encourage you do get a demo/screenshots from your contractor before going through this process, because small features cannot be thouroughly checked.


Step One: The buyer starts the escrow, entering information specific to the project and the amount of work desired, and agreed upon price.

Step Two: The seller reviews the terms and price, does the work, and uploads the files in question.

Step Three: The files are verified by a third-party programmer and checked to make sure they are valid and work for a small fee.

Step Four: The buyer sends bitcoin, and the file is unlocked.